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This is just a small list of all the housing advocacy occurring around town.


Durham Eviction Diversion Program

Launched in 2017, the Eviction Diversion Program is a partnership between Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Durham office, Duke Law’s Civil Justice Clinic, the Durham County Department of Social Services (DSS), and the courts. Contributing to the collaboration are the City of Durham, which is funding a much-needed infusion of new Legal Aid lawyers; the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, which funds a full- time program attorney at Duke Law; and the North Carolina Bar Foundation, which has also provided funding.


Coalition for Affordable Housing and Transit

The Coalition advocate for affordable housing, access to transit, and economic equity in Durham North Carolina.


DataWorks NC

DataWorks is a 501 c 3 serving neighbors, neighborhoods, nonprofits and local governments. Their mission is to democratize data to facilitate an empowered, productive, and equitable community.

DataWorks NC work with partners in social benefit to advance community programming and public discourse. They provide comprehensive neighborhood indicators with the Neighborhood Compass, technical assistance and custom data analysis, and collaborative learning opportunities.


North Carolina Justice Center

The North Carolina Justice Center is one of the state’s preeminent voices for economic and social justice. As a leading progressive research and advocacy organization, the Justice Center’s mission is to eliminate poverty in North Carolina by ensuring that every household in the state has access to the resources, services and fair treatment it needs to achieve economic security.


North Carolina Housing Coalition

The North Carolina Housing Coalition is made up of individuals and organizations from across the state who build, preserve, and advocate for affordable housing. Because we can be more effective together, the Coalition is committed to convening “Communities of Practice” from across the affordable housing continuum.


NC Community Development Initiative

The North Carolina Housing Coalition is a private, non-profit membership organization. Our mission is to lead a movement to ensure that every North Carolinian has a home in which to live with dignity and opportunity. We envision that all North Carolina communities include an ample supply of quality affordable homes. Our purpose is to educate the public about housing issues facing low and moderate-income households and to lead an advocacy effort that empowers residents and advocates to positively impact our state’s housing needs. Click here to visit the Coalition’s website »


Reinvestment Partners

Reinvestment Partners' mission is to foster healthy and just communities by empowering people, improving places, and influencing policy. We are addressing the problems of poverty and social injustice in the areas of food, housing, community development, health, and financial services.

Check out their rental guide here!


Durham Community Land Trust

Durham Community Land Trustees (DCLT) is a community land trust that builds strong communities by developing, managing, and advocating for permanent affordable housing that offers Durham residents with low and moderate incomes a stable foundation for achieving economic security in Durham, NC.